Artists at Working Artist Studios, Ballydehob

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Artists at Working Artist Studios, Ballydehob

11/05/2024 @ 11:00 am - 11/05/2024 @ 06:00 pm

11 May 11:00 am - 06:00 pm

Working Artist Studios

Glenkeen Garden is a masterwork of dynamic composition. Over 25 years, it has been designed, cared for, and constantly revitalised. While general sketches set the garden’s tones, stages, and scenes, flora and fauna take over and constantly form and re-form the land from within the pre-given frame. For Composing Landscapes, the Glenkeen Variations’ second iteration, artists Christiana Chiranagnostaki and Konstanza Kapsali, Markus Huemer, and Tania Rubio explore harmonious and discordant configurations of materials and inspiration drawn from the immediate surroundings of Roaringwater Bay. Using various creative techniques, such as cinematography, painting and music composing, the artists transform their observations and experiences into new forms of encounter.

Listening Room: Tania Rubio, 11 am
Artist Talk: Markus Huemer, 4 pm
Talk and Screening: Christiana Chiranagnostaki & Konstanza Kapsali, 5 pm

Athens-based artists Christiana Chiranagnostaki and Konstanza Kapsali were attracted during their stay in West Cork to the seemingly primordial structures of the dry walls that contour the land. Departing from traditional views of these structures as mere boundaries, the artists discovered a complex relationship between the walls and their environment, characterised by notions of embodiment, shelter and allotment. Drawing on anthropomorphic language used by stone wall masons, such as referring to the walls as “she,” the artists delve into the multifaceted roles these structures play through two complimentary video works, The distance we walked in this country I do not know and Throughs and Throughs, created by each of the artists respectively. From providing habitat for various species to embodying a fusion of human labour and natural elements, the artists present multifaceted narratives of reciprocal interconnectedness, of resilience, craftsmanship and property.

During her residency in Glenkeen Garden, Tania Rubio, Mexican sound artist and researcher specialising in biomusic, grew attentive to the specific soundscapes of the garden. Attentively listening to the sounds of rain dripping from leaves and waves gently hitting the pebbles on the shore, to bird calls, buzzing insects, distant cattle sounds, and rhythmic beats produced by percussion instruments made of everyday household items, Tania weaves intricate textures and resonant acoustics, creating a sonic tapestry reflecting the garden’s different topographies and water’s pivotal role in shaping these landscapes. The piece, The Language of Water (2021), made available online, is an invitation to a stroll through a composed landscape, either in Dublin’s Merrion Square Park or anywhere else where constructed landscape takes form.

Berlin-based Austrian artist Markus Huemer navigates between traditional painting and media art. His observations of nature, which have led to an extensive series of paintings in Glenkeen Garden, centre on the question of how painting can be continued in the digital age. Triggered by the appearance of an orange full moon upon his arrival in the garden, Markus has spent most of his residency attempting to capture that encounter and compose it anew. Two of these paintings, The Pumpkin Is the Largest Berry and Nearly a Dusty Rainbow Experience (both 2021), are on view at the Goethe-Institut. Utilising digital tools like computers and algorithms alongside traditional methods such as brushes and canvas, Huemer delves into perceptual realms that exist between worlds and allude to the unseen.


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    May 11 @ 11:00 am
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    May 11 @ 06:00 pm
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