Claytography. Sculptural ceramics by Bernadette Tuite

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Claytography. Sculptural ceramics by Bernadette Tuite

23/02/2024 @ 05:00 pm - 16/03/2024 @ 04:00 pm

23 Feb 05:00 pm - 04:00 pm

Working Artist Studios

We are delighted to host

Claytography Sculptural Ceramics as a form of Cartography by Bernadette Tuite in Working Artist Studios.

Opening: Friday 23rd Feb. 5.00pm running until Sat. 16th March

‘Imagine that in a few hundred years-time humanity has put aside its misguided supernatural beliefs and turned its religious instincts to the Earth, the true author of our being….the visiting of places, to contemplate them in all their particularity ’.      Tim Robinson

Ceramic artist, Bernadette Tuite, boat captain, ceramicist and explorer: her explorations have led her not only to appreciate but question our relationship with ourselves and our surroundings, but also question how she can encourage responsible eco-stewardship of our coastal surroundings? She is a member of Backwater Artists’ Studios, Cork.

The exhibition explores themes of interconnectedness of people, place and mythology through ceramic vessels, kiln cast glass, film and experimental sound. This archive of exploration, a sea guide to getting lost, will represent explored areas of Co. Cork coastline from Rocky Bay to Mizen Head. The exhibition features ceramic sculptures, video and sound installation, test tiles and clay samples.

The magnificence of our Atlantic coastline would cause any artist to pause and ask ‘why sculpt?’ My creative intention begins and ends with the desire to share these mostly unseen coastal places through my work and encourage Eco-stewardship to the Gallery going public.

Inspired by the writings of Tim Robinson and reflecting on the works of Manchán Magan, referencing land, language and place I will share my observations through clay, glass, film and experimental sound.

Like the geological layers of time, seam and strata of my coastal observations my work has become layered with the mythology of South Western Ireland. Did Amergin, the first Druid of Ireland, become lost in the mists of Hy Brasail as he chanted the first song of Ireland? As he defeated the 9th wave, incanting the land to his dominion with poetry, what did his boat look like? The mythical island of Hy Brasail to the distant South West, first recorded in a chart of 1330AD last recorded in 1865, remains shrouded in mist, myth and mystery. And Callieach Bhéarra our formidable female figure, she, our seasonal resident entity of destruction and transformation. With reverence to her duality and female form, her story will take a new shape as a curvaceous volume in time.

Using found objects from specific places I use pieces of drift wood, shards of stone, sand and flotsam to mark-make, shape and texture the work. Found clays and sand are calcified and carefully incorporated into the ceramic vessels. Each piece is named and contains found materials from the area that inspired them. A further archive of screen printed marine charts/ maps engraved onto float glass with also anchor the work in place.

I use my kiln cast glass work to embody the spiritual experience on the water. Three kiln cast glass boat forms, 2 with inclusions, will be included in the exhibition. This work was made on a residency in the Fine Art Glass Department of Shanghai University in 2017.

Film and experimental sound will unite the exhibition with a touch table of test tiles and clay samples for the public to explore. Film Artist Eanna Heavey will collaborate with Bernadette to deliver this piece of the exhibition.





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