Two exhibitions: “Call a Spade a Spade” by Sherkintara and Tom Campbell’s “Art is a doing word”

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Two exhibitions: “Call a Spade a Spade” by Sherkintara and Tom Campbell’s “Art is a doing word”

08/04/2023 @ 05:00 pm - 06/05/2023 @ 05:00 pm

08 Apr 05:00 pm - 05:00 pm

Working Artist Studios

Call a Spade a Spade art exhibition by Sherkintara at Working Artist Studios

We are delighted to be hosting two wonderful, exciting, unusual, truly uplifting, quirky, excellent exhibitions in Working Artist Studios, in Ballydehob, the beating heart of West Cork! The Exhibition opens Easter Saturday 8th April at 5.00pm. Sherkin Islanders, please note: There will be a late ferry back to Sherkin at 9.00pm.

Call a Spade a Spade

by Sherkintara

As a contemporary collage artist living in west Cork, Sherkintara expresses herself through the use of bright, bold colours, shapes and textures which reflect her colourful personality and positive approach to life. By primarily using second hand canvas found in charity shops, she is promoting sustainable art, breathing new life into old, bygone works, regenerating the picture into new original life, creating, fresh, quirky, zany artworks. Sometimes using the pre-existing image, mixtures of representations of animals, birds, sea life, objects, iconic images and everyday items, then experimenting with paint and textures, creating striking eye-catching, novel, original & new work. A view of another world, almost dreamlike compositions.

Bright colours, shapes and structures are the hallmarks of her work, compelling the viewer to take a second look at the dreamlike, almost alien, configurations. Humorous statements of the comic world we live in. A riot of fun and colour.

Colour ignites her spirit and inspires her to depict the world in an enlightened, positive manner another vision of the world, a reawakening of our imagination.

Call a Spade a Spade art exhibition by Sherkintara at Working Artist Studios



Tom Campbell                  Art is a doing word

Art, at best, has the ‘power’ to transform individuals and society.

Art and creativity are for all and should be accessible to all. The idea that art is the domain of a few talented individuals should be resisted. We are all able to make art and live creatively. If the spirit oof inclusion in creative practice was embraced by society, the transformation across society would be positively immeasurable.

At its best, art can express all human emotion, bring solace, joy and mirth, empower and evoke personal and societal transformation.

Art never was and never will be confined to galleries, the creative process is bigger than that and cannot be contained. Though the creative process must be channelled into action to be given life and to become real, ideas are nothing without action to bring then into being.

You don’t need big words to talk about creativity and art. If, as an artist, your practice is visual, you do not necessarily have to explain it.

I am more interested in thinking of work I will make than dwelling on work that I have made. I am critical of my work and always strive to improve. I would gladly make part of my aim as artist to mock snobbery in the arts and to resist any attempts at making art exclusive.

This does not mean that it is not ‘important’ – in fact, the reverse. Art is, and always will be, a thoroughly human affair. This does not mean that all art is ‘good’.

I try to live well and respectively of people and the planet.

Art is a doing word art exhibition by Tom Campbell at Working Artist Studios
Tom Campbell



I am creatively open. I will always make art.

Art is a doing word. Tom






Working Artist Studios

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