Living in a Coded Land – 28 Feb 2014

Film:  Pat Collins’ Living in a Coded Land

On Friday 28th Feb, 2014, we were delighted and honoured to welcome award-winning director Pat Collins back to WAS with his new film, Living in a Coded Land.

While it wasn’t the Premiere, as it was shown last week in Dublin, this was arguably more important: it was the West Cork Premiere!

It is such a privilege to have access to, not only important, new films like this, but also to have direct contact with the director. Thank you to Pat Collins for his gracious generosity in offering the new film to be shown here.

It is a powerful work. Full of trademark Pat Collins: stunning imagery, imaginatively chosen archive footage, marvellous music, perfect pacing and a deep and sensitive, thoughtful and artistic approach to the subject. The editing, courtesy of Tadhg O’Sullivan, is deserving of special praise, so smooth and unobtrusive he makes it look easy!

All in all, a sensitive and thought-provoking piece of pure Art.

A full house packed in to Working Artist Studios and engaged in a lively post-film discussion. Thank you to all who came and especially to Pat Collins.