Poetry&Music with Cal Doyle 14th Nov 2014

Poetry & Music in WAS with Cal Doyle 14th Nov 2014

Another magical night in Working Artist Studios on Fri 14th Nov 2014 with our guest, Cal Doyle.

Despite falling on a Friday night in the middle of November with a host of competing events, (from Buddhist relics to international soccer!) an appreciative audience gathered to listen to one of our truly gifted young poets.

 Cal Doyle’s work belies his comparative youth, delving into the deep psyche, filled with compassion, empathy and wit. They are honest, personal, fearless and beautifully written and conceived.

We eagerly await the coming collections of his work.

Paul Ó Colmáin & Tim Abbott, of the House band, Na Sean Gnóstics provided the incidental original music and, as usual, there was a lively open (no-)mic session, with beautiful original contributions from Kenny Dread, Francesco Biondini, Simon & Alex Lockwood,  Richard Blackburn, and Marianne Adams.

Kenny Dread will be performing in WAS on Fri 12th Dec 2014.