Aghadown / The Slow Slow Air – Clodagh Simonds

Working Artist Studios, every day – 4.30pmclodagh pic

This is the first foray into audio-visual work by Irish experimental musician Clodagh Simonds (whose hauntingly evocative work with cult ensemble Fovea Hex has drawn praise from the likes of Brian Eno and David Lynch, to name just two).

Listen/view here

“Every day, I climb the hill behind the house and walk along a small road through the townland of Aghadown. On a whim one day, I began taking short movies on my iPhone, using a specific gate or tree along the way, as a station. I’ve condensed two years’ worth of these short clips into a six minute movie. For the soundtrack, I slowed down and expanded a few of my favorite slow airs, and layered fragments of them to entwine, fugue-like, into a soundtrack which corresponds – they’ve changed, but they haven’t changed…..”

Music: trad. arr. Clodagh Simonds
Violins: Justin Grounds
Video editing: Eavan Aiken