Spoken word/Poetry/Music night in WAS 27 June 2014 Ros Brin & Cathal Holden

We’d another wonderful Poetry & Music night in WAS on Friday 27th June 2014.

We were delighted to be welcoming both Cathal Holden and Ros Brin to read and perform their work.

Ros Brin is a collective, made up of Ailin Becker, Seamus Hogan and Sean O’Mahony. What began as a “German for Beginners” class was hi-jacked (by Seamus) into an ongoing and extremely successful Rilke translation collective! They have graciously presented new translations for us before in WAS and treated us to twelve more on the night.

These are ground-breaking and exquisite renderings of Rilke’s extraordinary work, beautifully read by the group. We look forward to more! Ros Brin will be reading at the Poetry Marathon in WAS during the Skibbereen Arts Festival on Sat 2nd August.
Cathal Holden is a young poet and musician from the Dingle Peninsula with an innovative style. He combines elements of hip hop with performance poetry and draws from a broad range of inspirations, from Saul Williams to Kahlil Gibran and from Dahl to Dali. A lyrical storyteller, his work is bound together by the underlying theme of magic. The breadth of reference and obvious range of reading is stunning – particularly in one so young. Cathal reads, or rather, performs or recites his powerful poems with great style; a gentle but passionate delivery serves to underline the depth, lyricism and power of these wonderful poems.
Music was provided by Tim Abbott and Paul Ó Colmain of Sean Gnóstics and Vinnie Bourke, Franceso Biondina and Jamie McCarthy-Fisher contributed enormously to a truly beautiful night of words, music and inspiration.

Thank you to all who performed and who came along. Thanks, too, to Cork Co.Council Arts Office. And to Vinnie Bourke and Bernard Lefort for photos.