The Way the World Moves exhibition by Andy Ra Dec 9th 2016

We were delighted to host the work of West Cork based artist, Andy Ra in WAS opening on Fri 9th Dec. A highly skilled wood worker, Andy is one of the finest artists working with bog timber in the country. Something of a Renaissance Man, he is also a musician, a composer and photographer. The exhibition, The Way the World Moves is a statement of artistic and philosophical intent by the artist and brought together many of his interests, with sculptural pieces, photographic prints based on natural & organic forms and a mesmerising installation of images and music, called, The Mirror of Symmetry: a combination of music, abstract paintings and film of organic forms and motion, including footage of clouds, flames, water & smoke…a meditation on natural dynamics.

The opening was performed by the doyen of West Cork wood workers, Ben Russell, whose eloquent and heart-felt speech reflected Andy’s philosophy perfectly. A packed house remained afterwards for music. The exhibition runs until the end of January 2017.