Exhibition: Fiery Little Ashes: A Cinderella Story. Tara Laubach

Another great opening on Friday night, 2nd June. (Running until 23rd June) There was a huge and very appreciative crowd, who enjoyed a wonderful opening speech by the award-winning artist, Cassandra Eustace who discussed drawing, art, folklore, fairy tales and Tara Laubach’s unique vision of all these.

At the artist’s request, and in keeping with the holistic nature of Tara’s work, there was also poetry, chosen by Tara, from Brendan McCormack and Paul Ó Colmáin and a warm, engaging and enlightening talk from the artist herself, Tara Laubach.

The show will run until Friday  23rd June.

Tara Laubach grew up in the countryside in West Cork on an organic vegetable garden. Her parents always encouraged her to make art. She was always interested in making a mark and drawing, constantly inspired by her beautiful and calm surroundings.

She went to Crawford College of Art and Design in Cork and finished her degree in Fine Art in 2016. She is currently based in Cork city. Tara has also illustrated two childrens’ stories, one of which is published so far.

The work explores different emotional states, through the use of universal symbols and scenarios. Elements from nature and fairytales are used to represent these states.

In my work I deconstruct and renew key moments throughout the story, to create a resulting montage. The old transforms into a renewed world.  Whereas in the traditional stories Cinderella, or Trembling’s, sisters are plotting her downfall, in this land they are happy for her. Instead of running into the prince’s arms, Trembling takes time out to find herself. This new version challenges inherited ideas and suggests the constant potential for transformation and new possibilities.