The Road – Film & Poetry by Aoise Tutty 1st Aug 2017

We were delighted and honoured to present the premier of the film & performance piece, The Road, by Aoise Tutty,  on   Tuesday 1st Aug 2.00pm.

What a wonderful experience, going on the road: memory road, with the wonderful Aoise Tutty and her marvellous, moving and evocative film “The Road”, a glorious colour- and sound-soaked journey across the far reaches of the world and the mind & spirit. Beautiful, heartfelt poetry too, to complement this fantastic and fabulous film. We’ll be hearing a lot more from Aoise Tutty. Thanks to the big crowd that came along, they are all thankful as well as thanked! And thank you Aoise for sharing your vision, your work and your self. Encore! Encore!


“Last year I spent 6 months in Asia. I collected memories, experiences, insights and footage of my time there.

I pondered, observed, wrote and witnessed many a beautiful moment during this time. I met, interacted or became friends with many hundreds if not thousands of people.

I had many firsts, and learnt many things.

As a human being living on this vast and expansive earth which is filled with wonders so rich and diverse, it is easy to sometimes forget that it is possible to have an adventure with any one, any thing and at any time.

Although you don’t have to travel the globe to experience the joy of adventure. This particular journey opened a doorway to a new awareness within me, which I have subsequently brought home. Even the familiar now feels alive with a fresh sense of magic and awe.

Almost a year later I have begun to re-explore what this journey meant to me. How it felt and how it can be expressed to anyone who was not there with me, inside my head, inside my body.

The screening of this film is an initial glimpse of this project. I invite you to watch, listen and observe this piece from a place inside yourself which is more of a ‘feeling’ space and I am curious to know how this might effect your experience of it.”

Aoise Tutty


Aoise Tutty is a visual artist and writer primarily working in the fields of filmmaking and photography. She is drawn to stories and ways of expressing which strive towards empowering and raising consciousness. She believes that the more we learn to reconnect to the natural world and our own inner wisdom, the more we will be able to (re)find the flow and harmony each of us innately desires. ‘Before long the indelible wisdom be the change can transform into I am the change. This is where the beauty of the journey lies and the story unfolds most magnificently’

Connect to Aoise (pronounced Eesha) on instagram or via her website.