Between You and Me – Etaoin Melville

Etaoin Melville

Etaoin received a first class honors degree in Visual Art, (DIT, Sherkin Island) specializing in video and installation. Her final piece was selected and shown in Damer House Gallery. She then studied film and tv production at St. John’s, Cork to further develop her technical knowledge.

Etaoin’s work seeks to reflect the strength and fragility of life experience using colour and form as abstract emotional expression. Working in a multidisciplinary fashion, she uses materials that best represent her current project.


28 May – 30 June 2021

A collection of sculpture, drawing and animation by Etaoin Melville.
We create emotional complexities within our mind, yet there is simplicity in survival and the stoic nature of death and life as an ever repeating process.
The punctuation in our existence.
Just as quick as the body decays, the shoots of life profusely flourish in everything, the seeds of change choose impermanent homes and grow and are gone.
This inevitable circuit of birth and decline gives the perspective in our daily lives.

“Most of this collection of work has been completed over the last year, therefore indirectly my work has been affected by lockdown and the general feelings of being trapped. I love roaming the countryside for walks, I find nature constantly inspiring, and West Cork with it’s ever-changing
landscape. Sometimes I get lucky and I find materials that I can work with or my friends save me some treasures. I believe you can always make something out of what you have around you. There are no rules, the possibilities are endless. I will always be fascinated by anthropology and
neurological processes. I try to communicate different feelings in my work through colour and texture, choosing a medium to best encapsulate the emotion of the piece.”

Tiptoe down, to where we face it all,
wetly hidden across the mirrors of conviction,
dig and fold in a halfway shape of you,
but only place yourself there once it’s time.

The flame, unfixed, makes no promise-
never sure of when it will quench
at once you smell the plume.

by Solomon Wilson
on viewing Tiptoe Down by Etaoin Melville

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