IN SITU December 2020

The Latin phrase “in situ” refers to something being ​“in the natural or original position or place”. This series of works is a reflection of 11 weeks as artist-in-residence at Working Artists Studios in Ballydehob, beginning in mid September 2020. It is a conversation with place and a marker of time. A chronicle of what is transient.
Tiny architectures of transition.

Village roads, shoreline, river and vegetation make their way inside the gallery. They are co-authors. Autumn is caught, suspended in fingerprints. Each piece narrates an encounter with the environment. They are gatherings of evidence and examinations of how this place has marked me, just as I have marked it.
We are simultaneously changing states.

In this room we are quiet together, listening to what whispers. Every material tells a story about transformation. Bone, feather, blackberry, river scum, moss, seaweed, mud, mushroom, and lavender. All of it reinforces that change is an inevitable sequence of tiny births and tiny deaths. Teetering on the cusp of emerging and dissolving.
Unifying everything.

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