Jamie Ashforth Autumn 2020

6 weeks residency | 14 September – 25 October 2020

Jamie Ashforth is a Canadian visual artist working across multiple media including painting, installation and photography.

I engage with materials for their narrative qualities. Details like stains, pores and weathered wood fascinate me because they can be read like stories. I am motivated to work with land-based materials because of the way they express impermanence: mud is an organism-rich material of varying solidity; clay is broken down stone; rain is condensed atmosphere. The individual is likewise in constant flux. I forage for natural debris while travelling through landscapes and embed these physical pieces of geography into my work to explore the relationship between what is external and internal.

By working in response to the landscapes, Jamie’s practice is grounded in processes of discovery. The work is therefore impossible to predict until the moment of interaction. It is a co-created experience, articulating an overlap. More specifically, she’s intrigued by the way her engagement with the land calls attention to other kinds of intersections, including movement and stability, process and resolution, digital and tangible, and communal and individualistic. A fundamental aspect of these explorations is immersing herself in spaces that are new to her. This motivates a trip Jamie is currently making across Europe, which began in Switzerland in October 2019 and has extended through parts of Germany and Ireland since then. Jamie’s works document a chronology of her movement from place to place. The text accompanying each image and video provides important context that connects the work to a particular environment and moment in time, however fleeting the experience has been.

Find out more: http://www.jamieashforth.com/new/works/ 

Video works

Week 1 (14-21 September)

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Week 2 (22-27 September)

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Week 3 (28 September – 4 October)

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Week 4 (5-11 October)

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Week 5 (12-18 October)

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Week 6 (19-25 October)

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This project has been made possible thanks to support from Cork County Council through Arts Grant 2020.